Mr. Robert Bélanger

Mr. Robert Bélanger
President and Owner – Belt-Tech Products
Quebec, Canada

Mr. Bélanger is the owner of Belt-Tech USA Inc. operating in the automotive sector as a seat belt webbing supplier for most of the platforms in North America. They supply 30% of the North American demand and 10% of the world total demand. They also supply most of the aircraft seat belt business worldwide. He is now positionning the company at a global level via acquisition, joint venture or new market integration using innovation as a tool.

He is also President of the CTT Group Board of Directors.


Title : Innovation at the Heart of Belt-Tech’s Business Success

Belt-Tech Products Inc. is a company whose business is in manufacturing material for security application. Since 2010, the company displays an exceptional growth of more than 300 percent! This growth allows the company to supply about 30% of the total demand in seat belts in the automobile sector in North America. Indicatively, this annual volume in metres represents two and a half times the earth’s circumference. In addition, Belt-Tech Products Inc. is a leading provider in the aviation sector. Sales of seat belts in the aeronautics sector represent almost 50% of global demand.

The bare essentials in all our projects are the constant innovation and development of value-added products which meet our customers’ requirements and also protect our company in highly competitive sectors. Our associates and stakeholders goals are part of our major objectives with our business strategies.

Examples of our innovations are:

  1. Development of an intelligent seat belt webbing for the aviation sector with an “in use” indicator” just like the one you have in your car (the seat belts in the aviation field have not seen any innovation for several decades!)
  2. Development of a lighter belt which is an essential criterion in aviation.
  3. Development of an added-value car seat belt featuring, particularly, softer application for the user and superior performance combined to a reduction in weight. (Abrasion and continuous usage being the 2 main enemies of seat belt in vehicle).
  4. Development of a web lifting sling with new polyester fiber that meets nylon webbing sling requirements but at a lower price.

Our motto: has always been, a company without innovation is the ideal formula to cause it to close its doors and disappear.